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Annual (P.G)

Abbreviations Used In The Gazette.

Result of each candidate is shown in the column of result. Marks shown in the column of result means Pass. R.L. indicates result later. R or C  means reappear in the paper/s shown in brackets.

RL(Lower)       :    Means result later for wants                              of  lower examination result.

RL(A)               :   Means result later on account                              of non receipt of awards                              from the examiners.

RL(UMC &OR) :   Means result later on                                account of alleged use of                                unfair means canse and                                other reasons.

RL(Regd. No.)    :   Means result later on                                account of Regd. No.                                wanting.

RL(D)                 :    Means result later on                                 account of Appropriate                                 Decision.

Annual (U.G.)
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Semester (U.G.)
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